Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The friend of mine enemy is likewise mine enemy

The Boston Marathon bombing has provoked a fit of "terrorist target envy" in the Great White North. Canada's Prime Minister, "Call me Steve" Harper, is seriously vexed. He and his bumboy John "Nancy" Baird have been so vocal in their attacks on the enemies of Israel, yet the Islamic extremists keep targetting the Excited States of America. Tain't fair!

Sergeant Dudley Dooright of the RCMP and Col. Beau Gosse of CSIS (Canada's feckless "intelligence" agency) were duly summoned to Ottawa and told they'd better discover ["manufacture", surely. Ed.] some kind of Islamic fundamentalist threat to the Land of the Maple Leaf and Home of the Bieber right sharpish.

Right on cue, Canuck police and intelligence services arrested two men with beards yesterday, accusing them of plotting to attack a VIA Rail passenger train "with the intention of inflicting mass casualities and causing terror on Canadian soil". All this with the "direction and guidance" of "al-Qaeda elements in Iran", of course.

"Had this plot been carried out, it would have resulted in people being killed or seriously injured," a Mounted Police spokesthingy told the press yesterday. He was apparently referring to VIA's passengers -- Tyler and Tracy Luney of Pickering ON -- and innocent people passing the train on bicycles and skateboards.

The RCMP said the suspects had scouted railroads in the Toronto area as part of their preparations. The pair had been under investigation for an extended period of time and investigators said they were ready to act if they went into action. [I know it's early, but can you try to write more coherently? Ed.]

The Mounties also said that the suspects "are not Canadian citizens". Doubtless someone -- perhaps Immigration Minister Jason Kenney -- knows where they came from and how they got into Canada, but this information has, errr, not been forthcoming.

Yesterday's arrests come at an auspicious time for the Harpoon government, as Canada's House of Commons gets set to debate a bill that would strengthen Canada's anti-terrorism laws.

The timing of the debate is more than a little suspect. The "new" bill S-7, which will authorize such things as arrest without trial, was introduced in Canada's Senate a year ago. That august body (Hello, Senator Puffy!) gave it some quasi-sober thought and sent it to the Commons, errr, four months ago.

Why the sudden urgency to proceed with it now? Well, Monday was supposed to be an "opposition day" on which newly-crowned Liberal leader Justin Trudeau was to introduce a motion to limit the powers of the party whips to control which MPs could speak and on what issues. Since the governing Conservatives are grappling with a backbench rebellion on that very issue, the draconian anti-terrorism bill suddenly took priority.

Speaking from behind his moustache, Canada's Public Safety Minister Vic Toews averred that, "Today's arrest shows that terrorism continues to be a real threat to Canada. The success...is due to the fact that Canada works very closely with its international partners to combat terrorism."

Walt says it's the "international partners" that are the problem. The threat of terrorist attacks on Canada and Canadians increases proportionately as the Harper government's support of Zionism and American adventurism in the Middle East. If, when al-Qaeda and other Islamic extremists point their guns at the USA, Canada is standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Uncle Sam [and Uncle Bibi. Ed.], Canada is bound to get hit. Call it "collateral damage".

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