Wednesday, November 7, 2018

"Blue wave" a mere ripple; Trump still POTUS!

The sun rose in the east this morning. So did President Donald J. Trump, satisfied, I'm sure, that his presidency and his plans to MAGA are in no more danger of being derailed by the socialist Democrats than they were 24 hours ago.

As early as 1800 FMT (Fort Mudge Time) the lamestream media pundits and perplexed pollsters were starting to wonder when they were going to see the Democrats' "Blue Wave". Hours went by, and the social justice tsunami failed to materialize. Talk of mountains and molehills? The threatened Blue Wave turned out to be a mere ripple! Here's the Fox News results map showing how things turned out. [Memo from Ed. to Fox News: Hope you don't mind. We don't make any money out of WWW, and we gave ya a plug!]

This morning's official line from the Clinton News Network, the NY Times and WaPo, is that the Democrats "took back control of the House of Representatives", while the Republicans "hung onto the Senate." Hey! Look at the map! There are 435 seats in the House. At last count, with 23 seats not yet declared, the Demns got 219 -- one more than half! Some "control"! As for the Senate, with one seat still undecided, the Republicans increased their numbers to 52.

What does this mean for the future of the US of A and for federal politics over the next two years? Militant Democrats are already hatching plots to use several powerful committees, which they will now chair, including the lower chamber's Intelligence, Ways and Means, Foreign Affairs and Judiciary committees, to stall the President's legislative agenda and generally do as much damage as they can to POTUS.

Using subpoenas, they will be able to seek access to President Trump's long sought-after tax returns. They will also be ratcheting up the probe into alleged Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. The lefties are talking again about impeachment, chances of which are, realistically, slim and none.

The usual "analysts" are saying that Republicans will no longer be able to pass legislation without help from the Democrats, meaning that pushing through conservative bills -- on immigration and tax reform, for instance -- will become more difficult. Likewise, the Democrats are claiming to have "saved Obamacare" and protected the rights of those with pre-existing health conditions.

The fact is that derailing the President's legislative agenda is not going to be that easy. The Demns have a larger, but more fractious caucus, with several left wing-nuts like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez keen to turn America into another "people's republic". But there is a larger group of moderates, many of whom only mentioned the word "Democrat" in six-point type at the bottom of their signs and campaign literature. They know that they will be up for re-election in just two years, and had better not oppose POTUS too violently or irrationally. Look what happened to the Democratic senators who opposed POTUS' nomination to the Supreme Court. Every Demn senator in a competitive race who voted against Judge Kavanaugh lost!

And the Republicans are still in charge of the Senate, more so than before. Any attempt to impeach President Trump, even if it passes the House, is doomed to failure, as the trial would have to take place in the Senate, where 66 votes are required to remove POTUS from office.

The Senate is also where the President's nominations to top Cabinet and judicial posts are confirmed, and this will be easier now than it was in the case of Justice Kavanaugh. This means the President and the Republicans will be able to seat more conservative federal judges, possibly including one or two more justices of the Supreme Court, should a couple of ancient lefties shuffle off this mortal coil in the next two years.

White House spokesthingy Sarah Huckabee-Sanders described the Senate results as "historic" and told reporters the election was "a huge moment and victory for the president." And just a few moments ago, the President Himself tweeted, "Now we can all get back to work and get things done!" Indeed. The first thing I'm going to do is go out to collect on my election bets. Lifetime pct .988.

Further reading
: Thanks to Agent 3 for sending us the link to "So much for the Democrats' hammer blow against Trumpism", by Kelly McParland in today's National Post. Key quote: "His opponents still don’t grasp what it is about the president that appeals to the 40% or more of Americans who appear willing to stand by him no matter what."

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