Thursday, March 8, 2018

Canadian Mountie in deep doo-doo for simulated sex with vegetable

Corporal Dave Duplissie, of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, is learning the hard way that if you have the urge to engage in sex -- even if it's only simulated -- with a vegetable, you'd better not do it while you're on duty... in uniform... and in the presence of a camera! Following a complaint from another Mountie, Cpl Duplissie is being "investigated" for the incident pictured here.

The whistle-blower is one Jesse Anderson, now an EX-Mountie. He worked at the RCMP's Surrey detachment, the largest in Canada. Cpl Duplissie was his supervisor, and apparently took a disliking to Mr Anderson, and vice versa. Mr Anderson, who was only a probationary constable, was eventually fired, for a series of alleged transgressions, including not reporting properly for sick leave, misuse of a government-issued credit card and misplacing a digital recorder. The dismissal recommendation also accuses him of dishonesty and a lack of accountability.

Mr Anderson, for his part, alleges Cpl Duplissie "played favourites" and made his workplace stressful by making racist jokes and other uncoplike conduct. His story about "the eggplant incident" goes like this....

"A member brought in an eggplant. [Duplissie] grabbed it and started to perform fellatio on it, in the office during shift, in uniform." Junior officers gathered around joking about it, and one even recorded it. (The photo is a screegrab from the recording.) Mr Anderson says nobody called Cpl Duplissie on it because he was the senior officer. Neither did Mr Anderson. "I was the outcast already and I kind of wanted to keep my job at that time," he said. "I was too scared."

Mr Anderson also says Cpl Duplissie started making comments and sending derisive texts about the Black Lives Matter movement and about black police officers after one officer disclosed he has some black heritage. Sex with vegetables, Black Lives Matter... those things are clearly not acceptable in today's Great No-longer-white North... as Cpl Duplissie is finding out.

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