Monday, June 5, 2017

British cops refuse to name London Bridge jihadis

On May 22nd, Walt posed the question, "Who's behind the Ariana Grande concert explosion?" Inspector Knacker of the Yard refused to answer that reasonable question, presumably for reasons of political correctness, since they don't have M-103 in the UK. (Only in Canada you say? Pity!) So Walt answered his own question the next day. See "Answer to yesterday's question: Islamic terrorists!"

Fast forward to this weekend's attacks at London Bridge and London borough market, in which seven people were killed and 48 wounded. The three murderers were shot down by police -- good on 'em! -- and are not included in the body count above. ISIS has claimed responsibility for the terrorist "incident".

Today the question arises once again: Who dunnit? The Metropolitan Police say they know the identity of the three attackers and will release their names "as soon as operationally possible". What does that mean? Walt suggests it means "as soon as we can figure out how to downplay the fact that they were Arab Muslims."

British Prime Minister Theresa May, who actually uttered the I-word on Sunday (see "The word our 'leaders' just won't say", WWW 4/6/17), said victims of what she called "an attack on the free world" (not "Christian world") included a "number of nationalities". AP reports that "security sources" in Dublin have said one of the attackers was carrying an identification card issued in the Republic of Ireland. Walt has pointed out more than once that nationality and/or place of residence have nothing to do with ethnicity and religion. What was want to know is: were these cowardly murderers Muslim fanatics? Answer comes there none.

All Inspector Knacker will say is that the Peelers are working on it. Yesterday and today they have searched a number of addresses in east London, particularly the hamlets of Newham and Barking, where they have arrested a number of Barking madmen. That area of London is known to be home to large numbers of non-Caucasian immigrants, "refugees", asylum-seekers and other invaders. Eleven people are being held after police raids in Barking on Sunday. One of the properties raided is believed to be the home of one of the attackers. No information about any of the Mohammeds/Abdullahs/whatevers has been released.

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