Wednesday, May 14, 2014

VIDEO: Building a railroad from scratch for "The Lone Ranger"

OK, let's forget about the never-ending cares of the world for ten minutes. Here's a great video on the making of The Lone Ranger. To make the railroad scenes look real, they built a real, full-sized, 19th-century railroad, including the locomotives and rolling stock, from the ground up. Here you'll see why and how it was done.

Too bad, though, that The Lone Ranger turned out to be something of a rotten tomato. Johnny Depp is one of Walt's favourite actors, but (as mentioned in my review of The Rum Diary), his presence alone cannot overcome a bad script and/or bad directing and/or...

Thanks and a tip of the Stetson to Agent 6 -- a big fan of machines that move -- for sending this to us.

Footnote: If the opening shot in this video reminds me of the opening shot in Blazing Saddles... great minds think alike.

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