Monday, May 19, 2014

Identity politics in the police state; "white privilege" in the university

Ed. here. Walt is north of the world's longest undefended (?) border to celebrate the Queen's Birthday. The queen in question is Queen Victoria, and even though she cannot visit Canada in person, she has sent her son, Prince Charles and his consort. Walt is hoping to get a royal autograph.

Meanwhile, it's my task -- just one of many -- to scan the Internet for items calculated to interest and enrage you, our dear followers. Today's edition of Canada's so-called National Post has two related columns, well worth reading, about racism and identity politics in the Great Not-so-white-anymore North.

"Why the Human Rights Commission is an early warning of Canada’s drift from free society to police state" contains some thoughts on political correctness and identity politics, penned by George Jonas, a Hungarian Jew who came to Canada as a refugee decades ago. Thoughts like this: "Identity politics play well in police states. We’re not there yet, not even in the vicinity. We’re just heading in that direction."

In "Check your bigotry" our old friend Rex Murphy -- we never miss his rants on CBC-TV's The National -- writes "Only in the very best universities would you ever be able to create a concept as stupid as 'white privilege'."

Here's a further quote: "...if there is one movement, that by its humourlessness, its obsessive mania and its blindness to its failings, chokes on its own goals, it is the so-called anti-racism movement. And you will find its most feverish exemplars in the very citadels of reason, the modern-day university campus. Nowhere in the West will one find such fundamentalist fury as in the frenzies of campus political correctness on the subject of race."

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