Wednesday, November 14, 2012

US Catholics worshipping Mother Nature or Mother of God?

As if the USCCB (United States Congress of Catholic Bishops) didn't have enough to do -- defending the Faith against the godless Democrats and their (possibly) Muslim leader -- they took a break last week to hold a conference on "the moral and religious implications of global climate change and environmental justice". I'm not making this up.

The anonymous writer of the Traditio website comments: When your New Order sect is drowning in the worst immorality, when your New Order doctrine has become worse than Protestant, when your New Order Sunday service has become some kind of irreligious and invalid "rave," what do you do?... Solution: give up religion and go into politics!

Walt agrees. Nothing deterred by nearly empty seminaries, mere scores of worshippers attending dumbed-down masses, and the phenomenon of Catholics voting to elect a president hell-bent -- literally! -- on destroying Christianity, the Church's "leaders" are embracing the "New Age" religion of environmentalism and its goddess, Mother Earth.

Traditio suggests, with tongue (or pen) planted firmly in cheek, that the Catholic bishops propose to rewrite Our Lord's Sermon on the Mount, as follows:

Blessed are the environmentalists, for they shall save your soul.

Blessed are the carbon credits, for they shall save the world.

Blessed are the those who drive the Volt, for they shall be electrified.

Blessed are those who carpool, for they shall speed to salvation.

Blessed are they who ride the bus, for they shall inhale spiritual diesel.

Blessed are they who freeze in winter, because they shall become one with the icebergs.

Blessed are they who phony up scientific data, because they shall receive a Nobel Prize.

Blessed are they who worship the Environmental Protection Agency, for they shall have the hand of justice imposed upon them.

And Walt can add a new motto for the mainstream American Catholic Church. The motto has to be in English, of course, because even one of the most powerful bishops in the USA -- Cardinal Timmy Dolan -- stated publicly that he can't understand Latin [God's language. Ed.]. Anyway, here's the motto: Never mind your souls; save the whales!

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