Friday, November 23, 2012

Ontario court jails HIV+ man for unprotected sex

In May of 2011 Walt told you about "You doesn't have to call me Johnson" Aziga, who was convicted of murder by the courts of Ontario for having knowingly infected several women with the HIV/AIDS virus. Two of them died, hence the convictions.

In spite of playing the race card [no surprises there. Ed.] Mr. Aziga was declared a dangerous sexual offender, and is now languishing in a Canadian jail somewhere, at Her Majesty's pleasure, as they say.

Ian Williams is a bit more fortunate. He knows when he's getting out! The 50-year-old Williams was convicted yesterday of having unprotected sex with two women without disclosing his HIV+ status. He was sentenced to six years in the hoosegow -- 3 years for each victim. That's not unreasonable because, see, they didn't die. Yet.

But get this. This week's convictions are not the first for the loathesome Lothario. Williams was previously convicted in 2006 and served a year in jail after two other women reported they were never informed of his HIV positive status when he had unprotected sex with them.

And there's more. A year earlier, his wife died from AIDS. Although his stepdaughter complained to police that her mom had been infected by Williams, he was never charged. This was before the Azinga case set a precedent.

So, as the guys at the track say, Mr. Williams has form. If you were a betting man [unlike Walt. Ed.] you would be tempted to bet on him to repeat, just as soon as he gets out of the gate. After credit for 15 months of pretrial custody, that would be in four years and nine months.

Unless of course the Canadian immigration people are alert enough to deport Mr. William to his native Trinidad. Oh. Didn't I mention that? I knew you'd guess.

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