Saturday, November 4, 2017

VIDEO: Canuck Minister tells The Rebel to stop calling her names

As part of his plan for the wussification of his country, Canada's self-proclaimed feminist Prime Minister Trudeau decided that at least half of his cabinet should be women (or wimmin) "because it's 2015". One minister who qualified because of what she has between her legs rather than in her head is Catherine Mary McKenna, who was appointed Minister of Environment and Climate Change, and has been focusing on the second part of her title, rather than the first, ever since.

Ms McKenna has annoyed the many Canucks who are skeptical about the "science" behind her hysterical cries that the sky is falling by labelling them "deniers", among other things. The Rebel Media has replied in kind by calling the Minister "Climate Barbie", a name which for some reason she finds offensive. In an exchange with Rebel reporter Christopher Wilson yesterday, the fragile snowflake demands that his organization stop it, STOP IT!

Walt's comment: C'mon you Rebel guys. Can't you see she's melting, SHE'S MELTING?! She can't help the way she looks, and really, not all bottle blondes are airheads.

Further reading: "An Avalanche Of Global Warming Alarmism Is About To Hit", The Daily Caller, 3/11/17.

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  1. Appointed to fill a gender quota; unable to control her emotions when criticized; spends taxes on vanity photo shoots. #ClimateBarbie fits. (Ezra Levant, The Rebel)