Wednesday, March 26, 2014

For the second time: Diego Garcia is a key piece of the MH370 puzzle

There is a suggestion -- and it's only a suggestion, so far -- of the existence of a fairly large debris field in the southern Indian Ocean, a long way west of Perth, Australia. If the debris turns out to be the remains of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370, the mystery of why it would have crashed into that remote part of the sea will only deepen. Even recovery of the black boxes won't likely tell us why the aircraft made the sharp turn to the west, and where it was headed before it (apparently) turned again to the south.

Speculation continues to mount. And finally the lamestream media have mentioned the "mysterious island" which Walt told you about ten (10) days ago. That would be Diego Garcia, the British possession which the USA uses as a forward base for naval and air power in southern Asia. See "Where is MH370?", in which I suggested that would be a good place to look.

Now check out "What really happened to Flight MH370?", from today's Globe and Mail. Is the Groan & Wail staffer who wrote the piece one of Walt's agents? And who is "Rick Cash", the source mentioned at the end of the piece? Here's what was said about Diego Garcia.

The shadowy island of Diego Garcia
The early news that Captain Shah had constructed a sophisticated flight simulator in his own home has prompted much speculation about his thinking, especially after authorities stated that some data had been deleted from the system. The unsourced reports claimed that the simulator held a program for practising a landing at Diego Garcia, the British possession which the United States has used as a forward base for naval and air power in southern Asia. Since the 9/11 attacks on the U.S., Diego Garcia has been regularly cited as home to one of the CIA’s “black sites” for secretly holding those captured in the global war against Al-Qaeda and its sympathizers. [The emphasis is mine. Walt]

Now take a look at the map. Finding one that shows Diego Garcia may be a bit of a trick. To help you locate the island, here are the co-ordinates for the naval air facility: 7°18′48″S 72°24′40″E. The atoll is about 967 nautical miles SSW of the southern tip of India and 2550 nautical miles WNW of the west coast of Australia.

Found it? Now take a highlighter and draw a line -- not too thin, please -- from there to the point where MH370 made the big turn to the west. If, as I speculated in "MH370: 1 + 3 = ??? Walt puts two possibilities together", the plane was hijacked, would Diego Garcia not seem to be a likely destination?

But (I hear you ask) who would divert a Beijing-bound plane to a "shadowy island"? And why? Good questions, but who to ask? Why not start with the US military...and its Commander-in-Chief?

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