Friday, July 3, 2009

Welcome to Walt Whiteman's World

Greetings and salutations, dear readers. I'm tired of posting comments on mainstream media websites, only to have them censored. And I'm tired of copying and pasting into personal e-mails my comments on the news and the horrible state of the world. And I don't tweet or twitter! So I've decided to dip my pen in vitriol, as it were, and set up this blog.

Perhaps no-one will read it. I suspect very few blogs get much readership. But this one will be "out there" for those who care to read the other side of debates on politics, race, religion and other topics not fit to discuss at the dining table.

I am not trying to start a dialogue, only a monologue. My opinions are my own, not necessarily those of any party or organization to which I may belong. You are welcome to disagree. You won't be the first. You're also welcome to send me your comments. Unless they're incredibly stupid, intemperate or unhelpful, they'll appear in due course.

If you have something to say but don't want it published, you can e-mail me:

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