Monday, February 11, 2013

HUGE news: Pope to resign at end of February!

Walt didn't see it coming. (Lifetime pct .987) Pope Benedict XVI surprised just about everyone this morning by announcing he would resign from the leadership of the One True Church, effective at the end of the month. The pontiff said he no longer has the mental and physical strength to cope with the demands of his ministry.

The Holy Father's aides are reported to be "incredulous". Death, one might have foreseen, but not resignation. It is not the popes never quit. But the last one to resign was Celestine V, way back in 1296.

When Benedict was first elected eight years ago -- it seems longer, doesn't it -- conservative Catholics rejoiced in hopes that under the leadership of "God's rottweiler" the Church's drift into Protestanism and heresy could be halted, perhaps even reversed. Traditionalists looked to him to heal the schism between the modernists and those who hold to the Traditional Faith. They have been sorely disappointed.

A Vatican spokesman said the Pope had not resigned because of "difficulties in the papacy". But of course that would be the official party line, wouldn't it.  Still, it's significant that the spokesman added "The Pope does not fear schism in the Church after his resignation."

This is obviously breaking news... huge news. Walt will have more reaction and comment very soon.

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